Secret Neighbor — Scary Hide'  n'Seek 

Secret Neighbor is an asymmetrical online survival game. In its classic horror setting, you're offered to join one of two parties. On one side, we have a team of brave kids who try to escape the dreadful house. On the other, there's the famous Neighbor whose true nature is clearly inhuman.

Hide, He's Sick

So, we have two teams here. Team A is a gang of kids who, Scooby-Doo style, sneaked inside the creepy house. Their objective is to collect clues that will navigate them towards the hidden keys. And these keys unlock the basement door — exactly what you need to do to win.

The little rascals team is divided into classes:

  • Bagger. It can carry more useful items than others.
  • Brave. Knows martial arts and can escape a Neighbor's grip by stunning him.
  • Detective. A smarty-pants with glasses who analyze clues and helps find the keys.
  • Inventor. Can craft a toy gun or a flashlight.
  • Leader. Gives the teammates a speed boost.
  • Scout. Armed with a slingshot.

Your team must put these talents together, as Neighbor is extremely dangerous.

I Sense the Kids Smell

Team B is just a Neighbor. You play as his solo. And there are two alter egos you can pick from classic Neighbor we know and Clown. (Stephen King style). Apart from different outfits, they also have different special moves.

Classic mustached Neighbor can locate kids easily. You can sabotage their progress by laying traps that chip their HP meter and stun your pray for a sec. Besides, he's a true ambush maestro. He's a shape-shifter who can turn into one of the kids.

Clown Neighbor has smoke bombs to aid him. He also incapacitates a child who escapes his clutch — they won't be able to fight for a minute. He's also good at ambushing as he can turn into furniture or a house utensil — floor lamp, armchair, pot plant, etc.

Have You Seen This Kid?

To win, the kid's team must collect the keys and unlock the basement door. The Neighbor must prevent this by any means. So, tactic #1 is catching little detectives one by one. Tactic #2 is sabotaging its operation until the time is up.

As Neighbor successfully catches a child — if they can't strike back or there's no one to help — his victim disappears. There will be only a beautiful animation of the Missing posters, melancholically covering the floor.

In conclusion

Secret Neighbor is a great game for all who enjoy strategic thinking and hot action. Despite there's only one location so far, it can turn into a gladiatorial arena. On which prey and the hunter try whatever works to outsmart and fool each other.

Benjamin Green
Published 25 Jun 2020

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