GTA V — Rob, Steal, Hijack

GTA V is an action RPG game dedicated to illegal, but fun activities. You play here as three criminals at the same time who settle their scores with a whole army of haters. You also can join the online action and build a gangster empire. 

Three Amigos of Crime

The story mode puts you in the shoes of the three outlaw protagonists. Each one has a unique persona, unique skills and a favorite topic to whine about.

In Franklin’s case it’s an ability to slow the time while driving and complaining about his idiot friend. Trevor can go berserk, absorbing less damage. He also laments how nobody understands his passion for cracking human skulls. And Mike is a veteran highest artist with a mid-age crisis.

Together, they will rob whatever they can. And kill whoever they have to. This includes a drug cartel. Franklin’s sworn enemies who rock purple bandanas. And also a biker gang, corrupt FIB agents, hostile clauses, mercenaries, etc.

A Busy Criminal — No Time For Sorrow

Apart from obtaining wealth through shady methods and staying alive, you can also join a ton of adventures. The open world of GTA V is full of random events. You will run into weirdos begging you for help.

Some will task you to find parts of a crashed alien spaceship. Others will offer you to taste hallucinogenic strain of marijuana. (Aliens and killer clowns will ensue). You will also meet eerie cultists, crazy fitness enthusiasts, and even crime partners.

Welcome to Los Santos

Visually, the game is one huge wassail. The streets of LS instantly infect you with the megalopolis vibe were actors, hippie preachers, and gangbangers reign supreme. Or take a ride to the desert and enter the hillbilly domain. With coyotes, sand buggies, and hypnotic sunsets.

GTA Online has something to treat you with too. Here you can get missions from one of the protagonists and other characters. Grind in-game monies, upgrade vehicles and weaponry, and hammer together a crew.

You can also play other roles. Can’t tolerate all the criminal scum? Join the police force. Enjoy meditative playing? You can dress like a hobo and roam the streets of LA watching other real people do their antics.

In conclusion

GTA V is one of the biggest games in existence. It has 30+ million players online. They try their luck at the Diamond Casino, learn how to pilot an atomic blimp and settle their disagreements in the turf wars. And whatever mode you prefer, you won’t run out of fun stuff in this game for a very long time.

Joscelyn Kate
Published 19 Mar 2019

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