Fortnite — When Survival Never Ends

Fortnite by Epic Games is a massively multiplayer game in the royale battle genre. Your mission here is to stay alive at all costs, while 99 other players feed bullets to each other, striving to conquer the map.

There’s one little island...

The saga of survival, trickery, and violence starts as you parachute on the nameless patch of soil. It’s behemoth-like huge and here you will find unique mini-locations with their own biomes and decorations.

You can launch a guerilla was in the Frenzy Farm. A dirty Dock is a nice place for quick surprise attacks and ambushes. And in the Holy Hedges, the slaughter will take a comical turn as it’s a peaceful neighborhood.

Although the map is enormous, you can’t lose time exploring. The clocks play against you and your enemy alike. With every second, the map will shrink in size. As a result, the force field will force the remaining players into facing each other.

Get busy with a UZI

Once you’re on the ground, it’s time to snatch weaponry, It’s scattered all over the map. And what a splendid arsenal of killing devices you’re encouraged to find! There are sub-machine guns, assault rifles, pistols, some weird Goldfish, a Harpoon gun. Even a rusty can that deals 20 damage...

Such a rich repertoire surely galvanizes a desire to get creative with your deadly tactics. Plus, it’s not just about big guns and grenades. You can also unleash your talent of a paramilitary architect.

First, get enough of wooden palettes, stone, and metal. Then you can hammer together walls, stairs, and roofs. So, how about a hefty stone fort that can adjourn a horde of enemies like a medieval fortress? Or maybe you pile up some wood planks and get a makeshift vantage point for snipping?

Party time for party people

Fortnite, like a zombie infestation, always grows in size. Namely, in terms of content. Apart from the classic BR mode, you also get other ways to have fun.

Save the World. In this mode, you and your crew stand face to face with the Armageddon. Fallout-style, you must survive at all costs, fight off the raiders, mine resources, build a shelter, and so on.

Creative mode. Here you can experiment with your Fortnite island. Create your custom challenges and arenas. Then playtest them with your buddies.

Party Royale. It’s time to put the machine-gun down and let loose! In the violence free-mode, players can explore a new small island, compete in racing, socialize, and play with the spray guns. A nightclub and a holographic movie theater are included.

In conclusion

Fortnite is free to play, mostly. It has can boat of a giant player community, nice character customization, and intriguing modes. So, if you want a free online shooter — try it.

Natalie Johnson
Published 19 Apr 2019

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  • I want to play fort nite cause it’s cool and fun to play ?????????????????????
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  • I love fortnite this game makes me happy when I am feelin down
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  • I don't like tilted tower Season 9. I would like it to return as before
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  • i want to download fortnite beacause it has good graphics
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  • I like this game because is fun game and have so many skins to choose
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