Tubi TV: Filtered Content of Various Kinds

Tubi TV is an application allowing you to watch TV series, movies, and shows for free on the go. This streaming can be a worthy alternative to Netflix but without any subscriptions and payments. It is unlimited and legal. It supports advertisement which cannot be skipped.

Interface 10/10

Design is well-done. The clear layout allows to navigate easily across the app and find the needed content in no time. There is a popular dark mode making the usage better for your eyes and for an accumulator of your device.

Features 10/10

The developer declares his idea to make a lot of categories of TV shows and movies available for free meaning that users will not pay for online entertainment. This app delivers various types of content and different categories including new releases. And as you understand everything is for free. You’ll hardly find a similar approach within any other service and application of this kind. Also, Tubi TV is much better than torrent.

You are suggested to watch products of the coolest Hollywood studios with favorite actresses and actors. There are so many new films here. You will find real gems, which can be bookmarked to view later in the convenient sequence.

Every Friday you can count on new movies and TV shows. In order to look this offer through, please, browse a correspondent section. The app supports Chromecast. You can synchronize several devices to use this app without efforts in various places as you like it. You can watch a movie on the big screen applying Airplay or Chromecast, postpone it, and continue on your mobile device exactly at that place where you left off.

Performance 9/10

What I like most here is that I can choose any content I want and watch whenever I have time. You do not have to create an account but there is such an option for those who want to arrange the films and have his favorites within reach. There is an advertisement but it is not interfering too much. Here you will find free HD shows and movies which are added every week, thus, you will not be bored with viewing the same episodes.

Check back to see that new content. You can even inform the developer of your references and it can be added to Tubi if it is possible. Unfortunately, this app is not available in Europe now due to local legislation, but the situation can change.

Pricing 10/10

You get access to completely free video streaming for any content suggested here. Forget about subscriptions, just download it and enjoy!

The Verdict

Tubi is a free streaming service packed with a lot of content. You will be offered award-winning movies and significant shows. The assortment is wide. Drama, comedy, classics, programming for kids, anime, and more. I highly recommend to download it. Everything is really perfect here but I would like to mention one catch. The point is that you will have to view ads before and during any content you’re watching. So if you hate it, you have no choice. That is the price of your free streaming.

Benjamin Green
Published 26 Jul 2019

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