Hello Neighbor — Can You Outpace the Evil?

Hello Neighbor is a quirky horror game, in which you must be a stealth guru. Filled with mystery, intrigue, spine-chilling moments, and riddles, Hello Neighbor invites the bravest players to unravel the horrid enigmas of the cursed house.

A Weird Little House

What could possibly be wrong with a friendly, sunlight suburbia? Well, there’s that strange Burtonesque creep living next door, who reacts grumpily to visitors and little boys. He is your Neighbor that nobody knows anything about. And he’s clearly overprotective about his basement...

So, one day you hear a shrill cry coming from his house. Your blood freezes for a second, but curiosity is always stronger. And you decide to infiltrate his residence to investigate. And that’s where the twisted, brain-challenging and spine-chilling fun begins!

Never Let Him Hear You

Nicky Roth — the little protagonist — must walk on his toes. And stay noiseless like a shadow. Neighbor keeps on patrolling his property, looking for trespassers. So, your best bet is to divert his attention and sneak inside the house.

This can be done with a loudly talking radio put on his lawn. Or some strange noise that will make him run out to search for saboteurs. Neighbor is powered by an adaptive AI that remembers your infiltration points and routes.

So each time you start anew, you need to devise a new strategy. And there’s a good reason why you do that: his manor is filled with bizarre and eerie secrets.

House of the Flying Mannequins

Inside the creepy dwelling you will find plenty of strange and paranormal stuff. One room is embellished with unnerving kid drawings. In another you’ll run into possessed mannequins. And there’s a ton of riddles to solve!

Sadly, many of them give no hints, obvious clues and so on. So you’ll have to rely upon your perseverance, creativity and unorthodox logic to solve them. Each successful solution rewards you with an item that stimulates in-game progress.

As you collect more and more clues, you get closer to your central goal: unlocking the basement door. But it’s not an easy mission by any means. There’s a devilish amount of pickpocketing, house burgling and strategic moves to be done before that.

In conclusion

Hello Neighbor is a splendid game for fans of the horror, puzzle and stealth genres. It’s not just a spooky game, but a whole psychological thriller that will prove that sometimes things aren’t what they seem at first. And it’s unknown who in fact is truly evil in this game. Is it him? Or you?

Benjamin Green
Published 26 Jul 2019

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