Skype - free IM & video calls

Skype - free IM & video calls
Author: Skype
Size: Varies with device
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Skype – Free IM and Video Calls Review

Skype is a free app for making online calls developed by Skype Limited and later purchased by Microsoft. It has been initially released in 2003 and later ported to most platforms, including Android, iOS, PSP, Xbox, PlayStation and many more.

Design and navigation: Impressively Clean

The visual design of the app has been successfully following trends for the past decade, and now it seems to be close to perfect: the interface is not overloaded with buttons and windows, the buttons seem to be on the right place, the fonts are pleasant, and the features are easily accessible.

Older versions used to have navigation problems, but now Skype is very user friendly. The buttons for essential features are always easy to find, the overlays do not distract from work, and the general amount of buttons and menus has been reduced to minimum.

Features and usability: King of the Hill from the Past

Back in the day, Skype was the best option for individual calls or small group voice and video chats. Now there are many alternatives, which include Discord, WhatsApp, Viber, and many more. Though Skype still does its job well and is a nice choice for business. It offers a comfortable way to store contacts and track the presence of people on their workplaces. The main features include individual and group chats and calls, calls to phone numbers, integration with Microsoft software.

There are two reasons why companies still choose Skype as one of the main communicational programs. The first of them is the balance between functionality and simplicity: even new employees will easily learn to use Skype, and the features cover most of the communication needs.

Security: Microsoft Standards

Since the company has been purchased by Microsoft, they are responsible for its security. And this is the second reason why businesses still use Skype: it’s safe and well-protected. It also works perfectly within close corporate networks, allowing the employees to discuss and share sensitive business information.

Conclusion: Best for Business, Average for Other

To sum up, Skype is a nice choice for business, as it provides all the necessary functions for communication at a sufficient security level. Though, for the other users, there are always better alternatives. The only benefit of Skype in these terms is the apps: they are comfortable to use on both PC and mobile, which is rare for other software.


  • There are better apps for non-business use
  • Battery management on the mobile version is far from perfect


  • Easy to learn, yet functional
  • Sufficient security level
  • Compatible with Office software

Design and Usability 9

Key Functions 9

Security 8

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