Netflix: High Quality of Entertainment

Netflix is a subscription service providing access to streaming movies and TV shows on various mobile devices. You can watch movies and listen to the news on the go now. I know that this is not the only service of this kind but this is Netflix! And I trust in its choice of programming. As to me, I suppose this app delivers the best experience almost and you can enjoy it anytime at any place.

Interface 10/10

Design is well-done if you ask me to describe it in short. The home screen shows your most recently viewed content right at the place you interrupted it before. It will be at the top so that you could have an easy access. In order to look through the currently available offer, you are suggested to swipe up to view more content. If you want to choose within one genre, you should swipe left. Tap the Browse button to get typical content, like Action or Comedies. You will find this button at the top left. In addition to high-quality original programming, you will get high quality of visuals and audio.

Features 10/10

In order to benefit from Netflix service, you should sign up for it. The membership delivers unlimited usage of the app. You will watch TV shows and movies as much as you want paying a reasonable price per month. The app suggests you easy browsing experience. Search for your favorites or for hot content in the collection of thousands of titles. Watch whatever you have found immediately on your supported mobile device and mark those shows or films you like most. Your rating will help Netflix to choose the appropriate titles for you. Synchronization is available allowing you to watch the content on one device, interrupt and continue on the other device. And on top of that offline viewing is possible on your smartphone.

Performance 10/10

Netflix for mobile devices delivers great viewing experience. Here you will get smooth Controls and steady performance. You should download this application, and follow the instructions on the screen to use it. In order to continue Netflix membership, you should pay for a subscription every month. Subscription can be canceled at any time with a couple of moves. You should enter the Netflix website, and find the needed instructions in Your Account.

Pricing 9/10

Mind that a month Netflix membership is able for free but you cannot combine this offer with others. After you are subscribed, you will not pay for every movie, though, if you want to extend the assortment, there are in-app purchases. Thus, you are expected to pay a very reasonable price for one of the best video streaming services.

The Verdict

I would recommend this app beyond the shadow of a doubt. Netflix for mobile devices satisfy the needs of most subscribers. You will be suggested to choose TV shows and movies in the Instant Watch library and here I want to warn you about one catch – the library is limited. Of course, the content is super but I would admit there is a wider choice provided by other identic services. But Netflix means the great quality, responsible and clear controls plus its apparent value. I hope you will enjoy add-free streaming here.

Joscelyn Kate
Published 26 Jul 2019

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