Minecraft — Don’t Whine, Just Mine.

Minecraft is an online sandbox game, famous for its blocky graphics. Here you can try yourself a creative architect, survivalist, game mod designer, and a nefarious troll. Rich in adventures and modes, Minecraft’s universe can suck you in its blocky reality for hours. 

Mining, Crafting & Surviving

Minecraft’s gameplay is based on a simple context: mine resources and makes things. In its Vanilla mode, you literally start out butt-naked. All you have is a pickaxe and a bit of time to build yourself a safe shelter.

There’s a whole treasure of resources around you. And you’re welcome to raid it! Go and collect raw materials: gold, wood, melons, clay, lava, netherrack… And put them to use. There’s a ton of stuff to craft: Smithing table, Spectral arrows, Armored leggings, Furnace, End crystal, etc.

Enter the Ender Dragon

But there’s no good saga without monsters to defeat. (Or at least to avoid). In your very first Minecraft adventure, you’ll be challenged to stay alive until dawn. A horde of mobs will flood your campfire location once it’s dark.

They come in all shapes and colors. Zombie villagers, spider jockeys, ghasts, magma cubes, green creepers — it’s not even the full list. And how about such tremendous baddies as the Ender Dragon, Enderman, and Wither?

So, you’d best hurry up and forge a cool arsenal. Luckily, there you can use a trident, sword, or a crossbow to protect your life. And your cuboid property. And there’s no insurance against another menace — the online troll squads. So, if your world is open to other players, make sure to keep an eye on it.

All Roads Lead to Modes

Minecraft is also famous for a variety of modes. You can download a user-generated one. Some are so good. They can qualify as standalone games.

You can visit Fantastic Mr. Fox’s world. In Lotsomobs or Biomes of Plenty, you can explore the game’s bizarre fauna. And the Twilight forests invite you to investigate a parallel dimension.

If you’d like to see another beloved game of yours becoming real in this cubic realms — you’re in luck. There’s a Super Mario kingdom here with mushrooms and tubes. In Project Zelda, you can visit Link’s reality. Metroid Bounty Hunter tests you Boba Fett skills. And Resident Evil world speaks for itself.

In conclusion

Minecraft is mind-blowing when it comes to gameplay. You can build a palace from dynamite, explore numerous worlds based on famous franchises, design your game mode or partake in one of the Mojang events. Village Pillage is the latest update. And there’s more to come!

Natalie Johnson
Published 25 Jun 2020

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