Google Classroom — Pandemic Can’t Kill Knowledge

Google Classroom is an education platform available to everyone. Here you can organize lessons, lectures, and masterclasses. Simple and flexible functionality allows giving homework, assessing tests, and conducting exams. 

Highest Education

Google Classroom is all about studying and teaching. Its primary feature is to create a digital classroom where students and mentors can communicate in real-time. Teaching is possible thanks to the video & audio conferencing.

In other words, every laptop, desktop, or even smartphone can be an entry point for getting that sweet education. During a video class, both kids and grown-ups can absorb the necessary knowledge as if they were physically present.

Homework Perks

Since it’s a Google service, there’s a Google Drive integration. That means that all the necessary study files — pictures of eastern hemisphere constellations, essay topics on Civil war or a quadrilaterals formula — will be safely stored online. And accessible to every student 24/7.

This know-how has some cool upsides. First, education goes paperless. That means, no student will be left out due to the shortage of study materials. They can’t lose them as they are stored on a cloud. And to an extent it’s eco-friendly.

Second, it makes assessing the homework way easier. Giving, receiving, and attesting it online saves a good portion of teacher’s time. Assignments are on their own page. And the vital study materials in their respective folders.

Students see their scores on a special panel, which a bit resembles a leaderboard. In turn, this can stimulate competition and make some sluggish schoolers go berserk with their homework.

Learning — Free of Charge

Google Classroom offers its entire functionality for free. Besides, there are no ads to disrupt the lesson’s flow. And no feature limitations, removable after purchasing a premium account. Although Google Classroom could use more perks.

At the moment it lacks a marker to highlight important ideas, messages, etc. Having improved notifications also wouldn’t hurt. As well as pinned posts and instant messenger integration to stay in touch with the students’ parents. And maybe a funny sticker pack for younger students.

In conclusion

Despite the occasional bug issues, Google Classroom is a great alternative to a physical auditorium. It has all the necessary options to orchestrate and host lessons. Its homework system is pretty flexible, allowing it to economize time. (And money spent on paper and pens). So, back to school with Google Classroom!

Natalie Johnson
Published 25 Jun 2020

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