Fitbit Review

Fitbit is a mobile app for tracking sleep and physical activity. Integrate the application on your mobile device with iOS or Android with any Fitbit device or Aria Wi-Fi smart scale. After synchronization, the Fitbit mobile app's menu shows the person's weight, steps taken, heart rate, and calories burned. The program's features depend on the functionality of the device used by the company (fitness trackers, sports watches, smart scales, etc.).


The application interface has been redesigned in an updated version. The menu sections are more beautiful and informative. Many infographics and visual statistics have appeared on the pages, which allows us to study information about activity and quality of sleep in detail. Most of the parameters are represented as charts and graphs. It is convenient when you need to monitor progress and control parameters for one or more days. The interface is available in several languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, and others.


Basic functions of the Fitbit mobile application:

  • Tracking calories spent during the day;
  • Sleep quality control;
  • Bodyweight control;
  • Heart rate monitoring;
  • Fixation of meals;
  • Tracking the amount of water consumed;
  • Setting goals and motivation.

But all these features are only available after you sync the program with your Bluetooth device from Fitbit or partners. If your fitness device in use does not have a heart rate sensor, you will not be able to track this parameter in the application. More than 90% of supported sync devices contain all the features described above.

App purchases

You can download the Fitbit mobile app for free on iOS or Android smartphones and tablets. Built-in shopping is not provided, and all functionality is available immediately without restrictions.

In Conclusion

Over 650,000 people have already downloaded the Fitbit mobile application. Its popularity grows every day, as the company is actively engaged in the release of new fitness devices. Despite the update of the web-interface and the expansion of functionality, developers should spend more time on the stability and performance of the program. There are still periodic failures in synchronization. And some functions work incorrectly. But with each update, the errors are fixed, so you should hope for more stability in the future.

Before downloading the app, make sure that the fitness device you bought supports synchronization with Fitbit. Otherwise, the program functionality will not be available. Your capabilities depend on the type of fitness device you purchase. For example, with Aria Wi-Fi smart scales, you will be able to control your weight, but you will not be able to monitor your heart rate.

Natalie Johnson
Published 30 Jun 2020

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