TextNow: Free Text and Calls at Your Fingertips

Perhaps your local phone call tariffs and SMS charges are quite high. And these plans get over for you quite soon. But with TextNow app on your device, you need not have to waste your money in recharges, top-ups, and refilling your balance.

Interface 10/10

Using the app is a simple and hassle-free affair. The interface of the app has been elegantly designed which helps the user to navigate through the app easily. It gives you the look and feel of an instant messaging app. Further, the team behind the app has also worked on the user-experience which further makes the app convenient to use. The TextNow app has also been made responsive to fit on a large number of smartphones and devices.

Features 10/10

The app boasts of a large number of imperative features and functionalities. It is noteworthy that all these features are helpful and make it quite convenient for the users to stay in touch with their contacts. First and foremost, the app gives you a unique identity in the form of a phone number. You can give this phone number to your contacts so that they can save it and use it to get in touch with you.

The TextNow app, as the name suggests, allows you send and receive unlimited text messages to anyone in the US and Canada. It also allows you make and receive voice calls. You can add money to your account or earn it for free by completing partnered offers or by buying the minute packs. This money can be used to make low-cost international calls. Other than mere text messages, one can use the app to send and receive full picture messages. The users can even send emoticons in the text messages. 

Apart from calling and text messaging, the app also offers the feature of voicemail and call forwarding. There are tons of customizable features too that the app has to offer. For instance, you can set a customized signature with every text message that you send. You can even set a customized text-tone, ringtone, and even vibration. The app also allows you to set a customizable background and customized ringtone to every contact.


TextNow YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/RmNRn_Oajmw

Performance 10/10

The app lets you make unlimited calls and sends unlimited text messages to all the US and Canadian phone numbers for free. There is no delay in receiving/calling someone or sending/receiving the messages. It works just like your default message and calling application. But it is better, convenient, and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Now always stay connected with your personal contacts, professional acquaintances, and people that matter to you the most with the TextNow app.


The basic package is free. Explore other packages on the official site of the app.

The Verdict

The TextNow app makes it easy and affordable to stay in touch with anyone in the world. In fact, if your contacts reside in either the US or Canada, you need not even have to spend a dime to get in touch with them. And guess what! There is no catch in using the app. It’s the commercials on the interface of the app that allow you to undertake everything for free. The app is secured too. You can even set a passcode for all your messages. So, just install the app, find your contacts, type the message and TextNow!

Natalie Johnson
Published 19 Sep 2018

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