Cisco Webex Meeting — Best for Briefings

Cisco Webex Meeting is a corporate messenger, in which you can orchestrate all sorts of meetings. Never miss one, easily set dates, goals, and topics. Organize your team and boost your time-management skills. Cisco Webex Meeting will help you with all of that.

An Easy Get-Together

Thanks to its functionality, the Cisco Webex Meeting makes organizing meetings and other corporate events much easier. First, you can schedule one in the app’s calendar. Set the date, exact time, and agenda. Meeting with the Quality Assurance Team.

All types of business events can be organized with CWM at a finger snap. You can schedule a briefing for one of the departments. Or throw a masterclass on the art of sales. An urgent presentation must be produced asap? Call your team for an intensive brainstorm through the app!

Trademark Quality

Cisco Webex Meeting offers pretty impressive video and audio quality. When it comes to a conference, you get a clear picture and the perfectly audible sound. (Although they both dramatically depend on your connection’s stability).

But if your connectivity works well, conferencing will be as smooth as butter. Participants will clearly hear every word and see every visual aid.

For more convenience, you can record the entire event with the app. Afterward, the materials can be used for various purposes: training, referencing, consulting, and so on.

Apart from parlaying, participants can also chat and exchange media files. Be it an mp3 from a tape recorder, a PDF file with the report on the sales of the nylon face shields, or a PowerPoint presentation introducing a new marketing concept — CWM can do it all.

Cherry on Top

A few neat features crown the app. First, you can use its hand-free voice commands for Google Assistant. Sometimes your hands can be busy with a pile of important spreadsheets, files or a pumpkin spice latte. So, spare an effort and command your phone to start/join a meeting!

Second, there’s a screen-sharing option. In case you need to provide super clear instructions to your crew, you can summon some visual help. Broadcast your screen to their devices and illustrate your important message. You know, one pictorial image can say more than a quadrillion words.

In conclusion

Cisco Webex Meeting is a splendid tool for corporate needs. Its GUI may look a bit bland and formal. At the same time, it has a remarkable feature set that will take your teamwork to the next level of business mastery.

Natalie Johnson
Published 25 Jun 2020

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